Meteor Fireball

During the early hours of the morning, a massive fireball of a meteor tore across the skies of the country and many people in Plymouth (where I live) have commented that they saw it. Unfortunately, I was tucked up in bed at the time so missed it! In fact, why would most people be up at approx 3:20am anyway!?! 😉

The meteor was so bright and fiery due to the high levels of magnesium that are suspected in it, and this reacted with the atmosphere to give this amazing scene!

Here is the youtube video of the meteor.

Full Moon

Here is a nice pic I took of the Full Moon on July 2nd 2015. I took it as it was showing off some strange colours, as if it was a Super Moon or starting some sort of Eclipse. Anyway, it looked quite different to normal so thought I would try and get it on camera, so please see below for the best pic I got. 😉

Full Moon

Full Moon

Perseid Meteor Shower 2015

Just a quick post here to remind everyone that the Perseid Meteor Shower of 2015 is nearly at its peak. The peak this year is on the night of the 12th August, going into the morning of the 13th August. It is going to be a really good year as well due to there being no moon, which means over a hundred meteors each hour should be seen relatively easily if you are in a dark location (like up on Dartmoor). All we need is a clear sky, although this could be the issue as the forecast (for Plymouth) is cloud. It will be a real shame if it is cloudy with it being a great year for meteor spotting!

I had a quick look at the sky last night as it was crystal clear over my house, but didn’t see any, probably as it wasn’t quite dark enough. I could just about make out the Milky Way though, so I reckon that if I was able to stay out later, I would have seen some.  You should be able to see the meteors now and through until about the 24th August, so there is still hope if it is cloudy on the peak of the shower. I remember a few years ago, we saw some amazing meteors on the August Bank Holiday weekend, and that was over 2 weeks after the peak, so it is still well worth taking a look right up until the end of the month.

Good luck!

Origin of Perseid Meteors

Origin of Perseid Meteors

Lyrids Meteor Shower Watch #3

My final night trying to spot the Lyrids Meteor shower was a couple of nights ago, when it was at its peak. This time I did manage to see some meteors! Yay! But only three, which was a shame. I was outside for almost an hour as well, so I was expecting to see a few more to be honest with you.

The three I did see were pretty good though. The first one was really bright and quite big seeming, and it shot along the sky just under the shining Jupiter. It left a nice trail behind it, which lasted a couple of seconds, and the way it went just below Jupiter made it an awesome sight. The other two meteors were literally one after each other, with only about 1 second between them, if that. They were in a different area of the sky and were quite dull compared to the first one. But, as they whizzed past almost at the same time and in the same place, that made it really interesting for me. I had never seen two meteors in such close proximity like that before.

Other than the meteors, I managed to see ten satellites go over and 6 planes fly over Plymouth. I never knew there were so many planes flying over Plymouth each night! The satellites were mostly the usual bright spot, tracking along the sky, but this time I saw two of them basically following each other. It looked as though they were in the same orbit and travelling at the same speeds, which I hadn’t seen before. I found it quite interesting following them passing over our house.

So all in all, it wasn’t a good few days of meteor spotting. In fact, I usually see more meteors than I did, when there isn’t a meteor shower due!  Hopefully, the skies will remain clear for the next meteor shower which will be the Eta Aquarids in early May, but this year isn’t going to be a good year to see them due to the size and brightness of the moon. Oh well!

Lyrids Meteor Shower Watch #2

Unfortunately, I again was unable to see any Lyrid Meteors last night, although I was only outside for about 20 minutes. I did manage to see 3 satellites and 2 planes in that time though, but there wasn’t a single meteor at all! It seems that when I go out purposefully trying to see meteors, I don’t see them, but when I go out just to have a general look at the sky, one or two always seem to shoot across the sky! 😉 Perhaps I will have better luck tonight as it is the height of the meteor shower today.