I have always been interested and fascinated by the night sky and the planets in our Solar System, but have never really been able to afford a telescope or a decent pair of binoculars to start watching the sky on a regular basis.  I had occasionally used binoculars and telescopes from friends and family, but only on fleeting occasions.  So the only items in the sky I have been able to see have been those available to the naked eye, such as meteors, orbiting satellites, the moon and the brighter of the stars.  But for my 30th birthday, my wife gave me a telescope.  Nothing computerised but an excellent telescope to start things off with.  So I can now look at the night sky in much more detail, which is fantastic.

This website has been set-up to chronicle my astronomy and I aim to add a post every time that I view the night sky and the wonders it holds.  Hopefully, this may help others who are starting out as well, but it will also help me track my progress over the forthcoming years and maybe even give guidance to what others in the local area can view.

So I hope any visitors to the site will find my posts useful and interesting, and if you have any advice, please feel free to leave a comment or two!